My Sweetest Deceit



Every time I close my eyes there’s this feeling that’s so strong. Sometimes I don’t even understand it myself. This feeling I get from just the thought of you leads me on. Truth be told if this is wrong than there has to be something wrong with right. You are quite the temptress.

You are the sweetest deceit. Nothing feels as good as lying with you. All my troubles take their leave. They are no challenge for you my sweetest deceit. I’m so thirsty for you so out of control I try to drink you down fast. But you show me to sip you down slow as to savor every last. The sweetness of you soon numbs the pain and for these moments I feel free. I pull the covers over our heads and kiss your lips. Our bodies sweat from the passion and I drown in this sweetest deceit. Your words, your body melt into my soul with a soothing blend of comfort and pleasure. Your gentleness put my mind and body at rest. You’re warm never too complexed. You’re the perfect fix for all of my needs. You’re my sweetest deceit.

You’re everything that there is to be. There is nothing about you that I would object.

You leave me no guesses. I know just what to expect.

And when I come to fall in your arms you’ll receive me with no sense of neglect. I lay upon your lap as you gently stroke my head and give in to your desirous charms. When our love making is done I close my eyes then drift into a peaceful sleep. My dreams are filled with my sweetest, my sweetest deceit.

Written By: Larry D. Miller





I’m troubled by who we have become. The intimacy we once shared is lacking. It’s like we have become two unidentifiable people; Strangers unrecognizable to ourselves.

The foundation that we built this love on now feels unstable, worn by time and the stress put upon it. Though doubt has tried to creep in I believe in my heart that we still love and care for one another.

But that love has been fixed and distracted for so long it has now become the norm. A kiss on the cheek has replaced the passionate kisses once gifted upon our lips. The gentle caresses, the unexpected hugs have grown distant and far in between. And the love making, the love making lately feels less passionate than before.

Where are we, how can we make it back to that spring love of yesterday?

You used to light up when I walked through the door. I would spend the whole day through thinking about seeing that smile and feeling your warmness as I put my hands around your waist and pulled you near. Chills ran up and down my back as you gently kissed my neck. Oh the touch of you. How amazing it made me feel. Your body reciprocated my reactions and you melted into my embrace.


I want to go back there. Back to that time when the only thing we new for sure was that our love was driven by our desires to be together. Two simultaneous heart beats. Our thoughts so insync.

Time is not our enemy for it has given us so many days of blessings. And I believe there are many more to come. Let’s rekindle the romance. Let’s find a way to renew the passion we once had.


Put your hands in mind. Put your trust in me. Put your faith in that I am still the man you gave unto yourself. That i hold you as precious as my very life it’s self. You and I. This love that we have is meant to be continued

I’m here for you. I desire you.

You are beauty in every essence of it’s meaning.

Written By:

          Larry D.Miller




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She no longer looks at me with longing eyes. She no longer welcomes me between her thighs.
It’s a long lonely winter. No logs in the fire. Since the love that we once knew she no longer desires.
I can’t quite put my finger on it. When it all started to to go wrong. I don’t know how it came to be that I was no longer the one. The one she hungers for, the one who could please her more and more.
Spring has sprung and here we are with our love stuck in the cold. No magic wand to wave at this time to make these two halves a whole.

It’s going to be a long hot summer. No gentle breeze to blow. No cool rain to fall down on our face and wash away this pain .

She no longer sighs when I pull her close. Now all I feel is her anxiety keeping me at bay filling up the room widening the space. We are miles apart even though we are standing right in front of one another. There’s a presence between us but what I wonder?

I feel as though I’ve been expelled from her heart. How I long to get back in but I don’t know where to start. Should I buy her roses and play her favorite songs. Take her on a romantic cruise in an attempt to again win her heart. With all of these tasks am I just a pitiful fool, to know when you’ve reached the end? Should I simply give up like candles in the wind?

She no longer looks at me with longing eyes.She no longer whispers I love you with a gentle sigh. It’s over I know but it’s so very hard to go.

Written By: Larry D. Miller

Why do men cheat?

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Many say men cheat because they can, others say it’s in our make-up, but in my humble opinion there is one simple explanation.

Men cheat because they want to; however they will come up with any and every excuse to try and justify their actions.

For ex.

  • We don’t have as much sex as we use to, or the sex is not how I like it.
  • She has gained weight
  • She does not keep up her appearances
  • She is never home (works long hours)
  • All she does is bitch and moan
  • She never wants to do anything
  • Just wanted something different it doesn’t mean anything
  • She doesn’t make me feel happy

You may have noticed a pattern here in these examples. That’s right, every one of these excuses seem to be because of the woman. It’s her fault. Most men never take the blame for their infidelity, at least not until they are cold busted and left out to twist in the wind. Once busted and exposed to everyone for the lying cheating son of a b they are, well then it’s baby I’m sorry can I come back home?

The last example really says it all because it’s probably the most honest statement.

He is not happy but instead of coming up with a constructive way to open communication about his feelings he does what a lot of men do. They deflect those feelings onto something or in this case someone else like the cutie giving him an inviting smile at work or someplace where he frequents.

He convinces himself that he deserves to feel good and soon he will look for more of the same.  This feeling that he thinks he has is better described by its true name. Temptation.

Temptation this beautiful seductive elixir. It’s the voice that leads one to believe that every bad choice is the best thing in the world.

The voice that says “Man she’s smiling at you. There’s a vibe happening, you know can get that if you want it.


Temptation, men are weak to her.

Once you give in to temptation you’ve just put yourself on the path of becoming a cheater.

In other words you’ve just set your house on fire!

Written By: Larry D. Miller


Dirty Little Secret



You only want to see me in the dark where only our eyes will meet.

I’m the secret you don’t want to get out because of what your family and friends might say.

So the love we share never sees the light of day. I can’t explain why I let you play me this way. I’m just a video game that you can just put away and take out again and again.

I’m so caught up in you that I’m settling for what ever part of your life I fit into.

You run across my mind and my hunger for you increases. Your sexiness and the lust I feel for you never ceases.

My phone rings and I get excited when your picture appears on my screen.

I know it’s that time to meet but it feels surreal. However the strangeness of it all is what makes it so hot. We meet in our special place room 308. The lights go down and so do I, tasting your fruits sends sensations of palpitations through my heart that sets me into a frenzy.

Kissing you is like something I’ve never felt. Our tongues meet and my body tingles bring forth tiny explosions of ecstasy. Even though your body reciprocates your heart and mind do not.

I’m just a passing fancy. Something to have for a little while until you get bored and toss me away. Why won’t you love me? See me in the light of day, walk with me through the fire storm of your life? I would love to have a normal date where we could walk hand and hand Go to breakfast and then spend the day together. But this is something you say can never ever be.

I’m a guilty pleasure that is only around to meet your guilty needs. How can you be so cruel and so beautiful?

You leave me satisfied but I’m left cold naked and alone; like a cheap whore with a few dollars to show. But even so with that being the case I anxiously wait like a dog waiting for your return to walk me again. I’m like an addict. You get me high and bring me down to my knees craving my next fix. I’m wishful fantasizing about a life with you that will never be. Your dirty little secret only needed when you can get away from your husband if only for a few hours a day.

Dirty little secrets guilty pleasures meant to stay unknown but how I love you so.

Written By: Larry D. Miller


A Man Like Me


Him: You deserve better you know.

Her: I do right.

Him: Yes you do.

Her: But I don’t know any other life than this one.

Him: Sometimes the unknown can bea blessing.

Her: What do you mean?

Him: Sometimes there is good looking you right in the eye and you fail to see it.

Her: Really.

Him: Yes really.

Her: Right now the only thing I can see is you standing there.

Him: That’s right. It could be a man like me.

I could be the good in your life. I would wear your love with a badge of honor and in return give you all the love you deserve.

Does it scare you to think that you are worthy of the kind of love I could give you?

Her: I never thought of you… of us that way.

Him: I know but  there is no time like the present. You’ve been so use to the situation you been dealt that you can’t phantom what it’s like to have real love.

Her: What I’m I supposed to do just leave him.

Him: Exactly, but I understand that it might not be that easy for you.

You shouldn’t ignore the signs that he checked out a long time ago.He did so the moment he felt he could get away with mistreating you.

Imagine it. No more pain. No more worry. No more wondering which guy is going to show up. The one that is mean to you or the one that figures he’ll be nice for one night.

Him: Can you think of one good reason to stay?

Her: Ummmm…

Him: Think of it this way. You could have a man that desires you and would give you all the love and affection you could ever want for. A man who would make love to you with a passion driven by the shear will to satisfy you through and through. Not like a man who uses your body for his own selfish needs then rolls over smacks you on your backside and tells  you to go fix him something to eat.

Her: I thought that’s what most men do, eat because sex makes them hungry.

Him: Let me tell you about a real man. A man like me. I would only hunger to have you again and again. As many times as you would have me. And when our love making is done I’ll hold you and lay in the comfort of you.

Her: Oh goodness. Is it hot in here?

Him: You feel it too?

Him:All I’m saying is put his cards on the table if you are content with what you see then stand pat.

But if you don’t like what you see fold them in and start with a new deck.

Her: So I’m supposed to gamble now Huh?

Him: I’m going to leave you with this to think about.

My love. My love is not a gamble.  It’s a sure thing.  I’m simply asking you step out on faith. Trust that we can be could be special together and have something we both deserve.

Her: Maybe you’re right some good things are right in front of your face but you can’t see it because your mind is clouded by judgement and fear.

Him: You don’t have to be afraid that I would ever judge you.

Her: Thank you for that.

Him: You’re welcome.  Listen to me. There is no pressure. When you are ready you know how to find me.

Her: Oh really, And how is that? All you have to do is think of me and like the song says- I’ll be there.


Written By: Larry D. Miller




Which One Are You Today?

Staying Sane While Raising Your Teens

It’s funny when your kids are small, you don’t ever want them to grow up. They are so innocent and precious and they listen to our every word. Then the day comes when they start saying things like “I’m grown, I can make my own decisions.” And you realize they are growing up and maybe you should let them (make their decisions). 

Then they change back into a non-adult! They say things like:

  • Can you pay for my phone?
  • Will you complete my FAFSA?
  • Do you have money for me to get my nails done?
  • Can you pay my car insurance?
  • Will you pay my rent?

Wait a minute!

  • I thought you were an adult?
  • Isn’t that what you told me you were?
  • What happened to “I can do this? Please stop telling me what to do!?”

This is the brain of our teenage or twenty-something kid. The problem is…

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