Long Time Coming




When was the last time I told you that you are what fills my heart with so much joy that it’s bursting at the seams?

You have been the key that unlocks all doubts,fears and inhibitions.

Your presence in my life gives it substance. It gives it true meaning. There can be so much outside noise that it breaks the barriers of the walls surrounding us drowning out those voices of reason. I’ve been sloshing in what feels like quicksand layed in my path. Not realizing that the more I struggled the faster I began to sink. You are my resistance to that struggle you are the key to me breaking free and continuing to move forward. So if it feels like it’s been too long since I’ve said it or even more shown it. I love you and I really just always want you to know how much I truly do.


Written By:Larry D. Miller

Love Lorn


Bowl of Halloween Candy Corns and Jack O' Lantern


It happens every time at this time of year. She meets up with her sweet love and they begin a month long love affair. I’m helpless as I watch her give her sweet lips to another as she tastes those candy kisses. One after another she playfully takes them into her mouth and sighs in delight.

The agony of watching her ecstasy is just too much to bare.

She is punishing me every time she tastes another and another with her mouth.

How I long to be the one that fills her soul with kisses in the night but she has fallen under the spell of another  that tempts her with it’s magical delight.


It happens just this once this time of the year.

I will no longer stand back and withstand this kind of pain, yes I will fight for what is mine as to keep from going insane.


Today I  will curse your name for making me a part of the lovelorn.



Written By:Larry D. MIller Continue reading Love Lorn

Are You The Marrying Kind?


midsection of woman making heart shape with hands
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Marriage vows are viewed as sacred and spoken before the eyes of God. With that being said how do you explain a divorce rate of 50%or more in America?

Maybe it’s due to buyer’s remorse. It may take a few years to realize that the person you married and wanted to spend the rest of your life with is not the person you see standing before you today.

How many people do you know with what you consider a successful marriage?

 You may want to take a second look at those marriages you are holding up against that bar they too may be holding on by a thread. No one knows what goes on behind the scenes of a marriage.

The fact is most married couples have private, public and social personas.
Couples can present the perfect relationship when it’s necessary out in public. They can engage in social settings with family and friends as if everything is great.  Then there are the private times where they don’t really communicate. It’s good morning, off to work or getting the kids ready for school and then back home in the evening where family life rules. What is often missing is the romantic relationship that brought them together in the first place. They get lost in being responsible for the kids, the bills and finances. They forget that they are adults who need the attention and feelings of being loved and desired as man and woman.  People get so caught up in beginning the marriage which I call the “Short term”. The short term is the engagement and the planning of the wedding. 
They don’t take the time to consider the night and days that come after the wedding the “Long term”.
The long term is where life begins to slowly unravel the cocoon that protects new love.

You begin to see and learn things about one another that will give you reason to question if you can accept certain things about one another. 

Let’s take the issue of finance for example. Couples who are not on the same page about the incoming and the outgoing of the monies will surely have troubles to follow.  His or her hobbies and spending habits to maintain them can prove to be quite an issue. Does it make sense to spend two-hundred dollars on a hand bag when you are behind in your utility bills? What about spending two thousand dollars for that 60 inch HD television for your man cave? Each individual will try and make the case as to why they should not have to cut back on their personal needs instead of staying focus on the necessity of paying the utility bill.

Learning to compromise is a key to maintaining marriage longevity.You can’t be selfish and have a successful union. Before getting married these are some of the things individuals must consider.
Have I accepted this person for who they are?

 Can I put my wife or husband before me?

Do we have the correct expectations of one another?

I’m I ready to be a husband/wife and father/mother?

Do I trust and respect this individual without question?

These few questions could help a lot of couples from making a decision that results in being a mistake. Once that mistake is realized and depending when it is; plays a strong hand in staying in a bad marriage.

Once children have entered the equation it makes it that much more of a difficult decision to depart the marriage. When you add to that mortgage statements, car notes, medical expenses you have a whole other slew of reasons not to bail. You begin to add up all the extended reasons as well. Like how will you explain things to family and friends? You may suffer from shame and guilt of having failed in your relationship. These couples find a way to drudge along in a life unfulfilled.

Experts suggest getting help from a marriage counselor or from a pastor, minister etc.

The divorce rate suggest many of these couples for whatever reason could not find the road that reunites them with the feelings they had when they took their vows.

If we were to add into the equation these couples who stay in bad marriages the divorce rate would go through the roof!

“For better or worse in sickness and health until death do we part”.

How many people really believe in those vows? It seems individuals are to busy with the quest of meeting the “One”

They over look what their own qualities and characteristics are in being the “One” to someone else.

Marriages are on the decline in America it appears generations today don’t adhere to the same belief as their mothers and fathers etc. Another reason might be the examples that have been set by those same mothers and fathers. There are positive and negative role models and they do have their affect on children who will one day be red blooded dating teens and full grown adults.

Will the institution of marriage last?  I Hope so.

The question is what will your role be in beginning your marriage (Short Term) and maintaining it (Long Term)?

Don’t be afraid to ask yourselves.
Are you the marrying kind?

Written by: Larry D. Miller

My Love

man wearing white shirt kissing woman in her nose
Photo by Jasmine Wallace Carter on Pexels.com

My love is the kind of love that will sweep you up and cradle you in it’s arms like a newborn child. It the kind of love that holds the promise to love and protect you for a lifetime.

My love is gentle like a soft breeze on a cool summer’s night. It will refresh your senses and relax your body and mind.

My love is yours to have and to hold with no provisions or restrictions attached. It’s free of the frustrations. Free of the traps and tribulations. My love as they say comes with no strings attached. No Games applied for with my love there is only truth, trust and faith combined. My love is the kind of love you can depend on and never be denied.


It’s yours for the asking.


Written By: Larry D. Miller

Another’s Days End




Inspiration is hard to find when all you do is sit in a darkened room and sigh. The days have passed but not so much for the pain.

For me its constant. This is the new normal. The days begin and end without  you. No one could have told me that this would be how I spend my silver years. Alone in the sunset. Alone in the sunrise.

Alone to watch the tide roll in roll out.

There are some days when I  might manage a smile. The sight of a baby the laughter of a child. Its temporary. Reality stares me down daring me to walk among the living. I’m afraid It’s a challenge I’m not prepared to take. Maybe one day. Right now I’m living in memories past. I find comfort there because I find you there. All the laughter all the joy rushes over me. We take for granted time and then regret the time not spent. Foolish. Foolish is what  we are. Well its another days end and I’ve survived. Because that’s what those of us left behind strive to do. We are survivors bonded by fate.


Written by:

       Larry D. Miller


Eight Things That Make a Good Husband


older man

  1.  The first thing is to be sure you are ready to make the commitment.

This means that you are ready to give your heart and soul to your intended.

Priorities must be your partner first everything else second. Yeah that means family members too. 


  1. Self respect = Respect for her. If you don’t embody the first it is going to be pretty damn hard to pull off the second.


  1. You should possess certain qualities which are keys to being a good person thus making you a good husband as well. And they are: Honesty -loyalty- compassion- -intelligence and a sense of humor because life can be pretty tough and having a good sense of humor can help ease some of the tensions and frustrations. It’s also good to have the ability to make your wife smile and down right laugh. Laughter is like therapy; it makes for a healthy heart and mind.


  1. Being a good provider and being able to anticipate her needs. Being a provider gets misconstrued because people hear this and think it just means financially. In truth it encompasses several things. Things like the comfort of friendship, Being loving and supportive. You would be surprised how just listening helps by showing her she has your undivided attention. When it comes to anticipation, this means sometimes knowing what she wants before she even realizes it. There is nothing like the comfort that comes from a wife that is feels satisfied from having her needs met.


  1. Having your needs met by her. This is equally important because again the satisfaction that comes from this is going to put you in a better place emotionally and all other aspects of your mind and body.


  1. Appreciation. Appreciating what you have and all you have to lose. In other words it’s seeing the value in your marriage along with the person you are married too.


  1. Being a facilitator by this I mean when called for at a difficult time you add to the situation by making things easier not harder to deal with. 

You are not necessarily there to fix whatever problems that might exist but to provide some support.


  1. Faith. This could be religious faith, faith in one’s self, faith in one another.

Many people believe that these things must be combined and that God can put you together but it’s up to you to make it work.

Written By: Larry D. Miller





My Sweetest Deceit



Every time I close my eyes there’s this feeling that’s so strong. Sometimes I don’t even understand it myself. This feeling I get from just the thought of you leads me on. Truth be told if this is wrong than there has to be something wrong with right. You are quite the temptress.

You are the sweetest deceit. Nothing feels as good as lying with you. All my troubles take their leave. They are no challenge for you my sweetest deceit. I’m so thirsty for you so out of control I try to drink you down fast. But you show me to sip you down slow as to savor every last. The sweetness of you soon numbs the pain and for these moments I feel free. I pull the covers over our heads and kiss your lips. Our bodies sweat from the passion and I drown in this sweetest deceit. Your words, your body melt into my soul with a soothing blend of comfort and pleasure. Your gentleness put my mind and body at rest. You’re warm never too complexed. You’re the perfect fix for all of my needs. You’re my sweetest deceit.

You’re everything that there is to be. There is nothing about you that I would object.

You leave me no guesses. I know just what to expect.

And when I come to fall in your arms you’ll receive me with no sense of neglect. I lay upon your lap as you gently stroke my head and give in to your desirous charms. When our love making is done I close my eyes then drift into a peaceful sleep. My dreams are filled with my sweetest, my sweetest deceit.

Written By: Larry D. Miller

Managing the Ups and Downs