Staying within Loves Flow

couple walking

Choosing The Same Path When You’re At The Fork In The Road

Love must be constant to survive. You can’t let your relationship fall into a stagnant state of being. You must continue to impress, capture and recapture your partner’s imagination and interest. Many couples, when faced with looking at their partner, come away with the feeling of “well I don’t love them anymore but I also don’t love them any less” – this sounds like you are just existing and not building on the love you’ve made. Love is work; it’s challenging, exhilarating and exciting.  It’s frustrating, sometimes heartbreaking and to some extinct comes with making some sacrifices.

To sum it up if I may…

  • Love has its ups and downs and it takes work to find the balance to maintain a strong foothold.
  • Love needs oxygen and we are the vessel that breathes life in or out of it. It must be fed or like any living thing it will die from starvation.

What Is The State Of Your Love?

Take a good look at your relationship and examine if you are growing in love or merely trying to stay afloat.  There does not seem to be much effort in appear alluring to your partner and you find that time spent has become the moments you share during your commutes in the car heading to work or nonchalant conversations about your work day. An outing is a visit to the grocery store taking the kids (if you have any) to their games, recitals etc. or just running mundane errands.


It’s Time For An Adjustment

If you are lucky enough to have found what you believe to be true love protect it fight for it.Step it up and fix yourself up for your partner but more importantly for you. If you can see and feel more confident about what you bring to the table you are going to be able to transfer that assurance to your relationship. It pays dividends, to the relationship, when you take care of you.  When you feel attractive it gives off an aura to others but especially to your partner when they feel you are making the effort in a continuum to attract them.

Be playful with one another; having some light-hearted fun can help create some very tender moments.Make it a point to be attentive to not only your looks but also to your partner’s by complementing them – now this does not have to go in the category of monumental things but just some of the subtle ones that (for some reason or another) go unnoticed. Take out the time to have a special outing where you get dressed up and let the night take you wherever it may lead.

Finally, put the sexy back in your love life by rekindling the fire and desire that brought the police, fire department and paramedics to the scene.


Beware Of Temptation

Never let another dictate or try to define your love or relationship.  Always be aware that there are those that walk in jealousy and seek any opportunity to be the wedge between you and your love one so please be mindful of this: No one can enter your circle unless you invite them in-No one! That’s one of the challenges- holding on to one another rather than reaching out to a pretending hand.

Another is to remember that love is about holding each other up not tearing one another down.You can be direct without being mean and vindictive. Love is providing support and giving encouragement, being able to rejoice in the blessings and weather the storms. Love is about waking up with someone realizing that there is no place on earth you would rather be. Love is nurturing, love is strength into with comes showing patience, tolerance, acceptance, enabling and even sometimes sacrifice.


Yes, love can be a ball of confusion a crazy ride but that’s the exhilarating and exciting part of it all. Love is in a constant state of motion that can make you feel like you are on an amusement park rollercoaster. Take care.  If By chance love has found you may it remain strong. If you are seeking love let patience aid you in finding the love you deserve. There is nothing wrong with being happy on your own until you are ready to share that happiness with someone worth sharing it with.

What is the state of your relationship?

What tips might you have for couples feeling in a rut?


Written By: Larry D. Miller


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